Winter Style



Friday Five Vol. 5

A Weekly Favorites List That Will Blow Your Mind

Reading Time: 5 minutes [Location: west elm] It’s Friday Five, Volume Five, and I’m even chatting about the Fab Five. So I feel like five is a lucky number today. We got through winter, ya’ll! I’m still convinced RVA is going to experience a cold snap and have another round of snow at some random point, but right now I’m enjoying the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. I’ve been spending more time outside, especially…

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The Canadian Tuxedo at Its Finest

Stylish Denim on Denim for Spring 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes Denim on denim (also known as a “Canadian tuxedo”) is such a perfect vibe for spring, and it doesn’t have to be overly casual. This look is chic as can be! I remember being slightly scared to attempt denim on denim. It kinda took me on a trip back to the 90’s where Britney and Justin matched in their fully blue ensembles. However, over the years I’ve found…

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DIY Harry Potter 25th Birthday Party

DIY Harry Potter Party + The Best Butterbeer EVER

Reading Time: 5 minutes Alohamora! I’m unlocking all the secrets to the DIY Harry Potter party I hosted for my 25th birthday. Better late than never, right? I know this post has taken a couple of weeks to make it to the blog, but I’m pretty dang sure it’ll be worth your while to scroll through – especially if you’re a Potterhead! My Hufflepuff self decided that I wanted to celebrate my quarter-century…

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Springing Forward & Friday Five

Here's How I Dealt With The Social Media Blackout

Reading Time: 5 minutes [location] Mon Chou The world seemingly ended for 8+ hours during the social media blackout on Wednesday. I found a couple ways to counter it. Don’t worry, this post isn’t solely about the blackout. Yeah, yeah, we know social media was down for the day. There were a few rumors as to why, but the realization I had was this: there’s more to life than social media (yes,…

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Making a Statement with Polka Dot Pants

The Absolute Best Way to Style Polka Dot Pants

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ya’ll loved these polka dot pants when I first snatched them up last year – and you loved them all over again when I shared them on Instagram last month. I conducted a poll on my Instagram stories, asking if my readers wanted to see me repurpose items I already had in my wardrobe. It was an overwhelming amount of “YES” – so I got to styling. I…

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