What I Was Loving in June

What I Was Loving in June

What I Was Loving in June

Can you believe we’re wrapping up June?

Honestly, I’m shocked at how quickly this year is passing by. Maybe it’s because my wedding feels like it’s right around the corner, but it seems like I blinked and it was halfway through 2018 already! I know June hasn’t ended yet, but I’m saving a special post for Monday, so you get to read all about my favorites a little early!

*A little addition to this post are the photos of me dropping my blanket in the lake. My girl, Lindsey captured my laughter over the situation – and me wringing out the water! 😂

What I Was Loving in June What I Was Loving in June What I Was Loving in June

Favorite Clothing Items

I adored this skirt so much last summer, when it came back in stock in new colors and patterns this year, I knew I had to snatch them up. I bought it in yellow and red, but I want to get the blue, peach, and both shades of polka dots as well! It’s so thin and comfy, and it has pockets!

Cropped graphic tees are definitely my jam lately. This particular one has me hooked with its stripes and lovely lettering. It’s perfect for those casual days where I still want to look at least a little bit put together!

My current fave dress is selling out like hotcakes! Get your hands on it fast before it’s completely out of stock. I’ve got to say, it’s received more compliments than nearly any other item of clothing I own!

Favorite Accessories

I may have gotten these earrings a few months ago, but I wore them most in June! The color is so eye-catching and they’re super lightweight!

I’m a sucker for straw bags, and this one has been the only one I want to use since it came in the mail a couple weeks back. It’s the perfect size and has the option for a long or short strap!

Favorite Skincare and Makeup Items

I never understood the hype of this setting spray until I tried it for myself. Now my makeup doesn’t budge all day (except for my smile crease).

I didn’t realize I needed 21 eyeshadows, but apparently I do, because this palette has won me over in a heartbeat. It’s been so fun to mix and match shades each day and see what fun new looks I can create!

Campaigns with favorite brands are always a win, but my campaign with this line has been one for the books! My skin’s texture has changed for the better, and I’m experiencing less break-outs. It’s so cool to work with a brand I’ve been buying from since I was 12 years old!

Favorite Books

Sequel to “The Waking Land,” this book made me realize just how much I love fantasy, all over again! I’ll never get over this genre. But man, I’ve been busy, so this is the only book I’ve been able to enjoy in June.

Favorite TV Shows and Movies

I knew Life Sentence was going to be cute the moment I found out that Lucy Hale was cast as the main character. I didn’t get to watch it live, but thanks to the partnership between the CW and Netflix, the first season was uploaded just weeks after the finale went live. I’ve been binge-watching the past few days and I’m almost done – and totally hooked.

B and I saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom the weekend it premiered, and boy was it fantastic. I’m a total action movie-junkie, and dinos are always a good time, so the jump-scares and new creatures had me begging for more. Did anyone else see it?

What I Was Loving in June What I Was Loving in June

Favorite Food and Drinks

Salads, please! My mom and I have been craving salads like nobody’s business, so she got a ton of toppings and a bunch of base options (romaine, spinach, iceburg, etc.) and we’ve been creating our own unique salads each day!

Fresh lemon/lime-infused water has also been fueling me. Each day I cut some slices of citrus and put it in my water bottle. Throughout the day, it makes for a very refreshing beverage!

Favorite Music

“joy.” by For King & Country is my happy jam, that’s for sure! Windows down, sunroof open, and this song playing on repeat. A.K.A. all the summer vibes!

MAX dropped another hit with Joey Bada$$ called “Still New York” and the music video even features one of my friends!

“Let the Trap Say Amen” is such a neat album by Lecrae. He’s got something special going on for sure!

Favorite Blog Posts

I still can’t get over how fun the photos turned out in this post. I felt transported into a new city!

This post has a very special place in my heart, because it’s something I’ve worked so hard on over the past few years!

Your Favorite Blog Posts

Two out of the three posts you guys loved were the same as mine! The third was this one!

Favorite Spots in RVA

My mom and I have been making a habit of having brunch here as often as we can!

I got to check out this café with Meredith Anne Photography and I loved their chai (which is a massive compliment coming from this chai addict)!

What I Was Loving in June What I Was Loving in June

What did you enjoy most about June?