#WeddingWednesday: Bridal Beauty + A Review of Curly Willow Spa

My Review of Curly Willow Spa

This post is in partnership with Curly Willow Spa. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support She Saw Style.

My Review of Curly Willow Spa

I’m excited to announce a new series within my #WeddingWednesday series, in partnership with Lillian West, the company that has so generously provided my wedding gown (which I cannot wait to show you all in a few months)! This is the first installment – all about bridal beauty!

I recently had the opportunity to visit the new location for Curly Willow Spa. As some of you may know from following me on Instagram, this spa was where I used to get my eyelash extensions! They recently moved into a beautiful shop and invited me for a facial, eyebrow wax, and lash lift! Gosh, I felt pampered to the max! I’ve only had one facial – and it was specifically geared for my acne-prone skin, so I was excited to see how Curly Willow Spa‘s hydrating facial compared to my previous experience. I was also thrilled to see the difference between lash extensions and a lash lift – and see which I loved more in the long run!

I’ve been working really hard to make beauty and skincare a priority as I’m counting down the days until my wedding. With just a little over three months to go, I’m experimenting like crazy to find out what works for my skin, hair, nails, and more before we reach the big day. Keep reading to find out my top ten must-haves for bridal beauty + a review on Curly Willow Spa!

Photos by She Shoots RVA (me)

My Review of Curly Willow Spa My Review of Curly Willow Spa My Review of Curly Willow Spa My Review of Curly Willow Spa

First of all, can we talk about how freaking adorable this location is? I was obsessed with the space from the moment I walked through the door. In fact, I spent a significant amount of time asking where I could purchase the same items! The space is clean, but welcoming, and there’s a plush couch where you can sit and fill out any health-related forms. My facial was not only relaxing, but my skin has never felt – or looked – better! All of the products were from the Sorella Apothecary line – a botanically-based skincare brand. She started off with an orange cleanser, and I believe that somewhere in there I experienced a pumpkin mask and a spiced wine toner. Let me just tell you, my face smelled amazing and I left with a serious craving for fruit! Since the focus was primarily on hydration, there was an actual glow to my skin that lasted for several days. I was super impressed and definitely plan on treating myself to this exact same facial a few days prior to my wedding.

Last year, I tried lash extensions for the first time. I loved them! They made makeup application simpler, and really drew attention to my eyes, which are my favorite facial feature. This time around, we tried a lash lift. Let me preface this by saying I have the shortest eyelashes on the face of the planet. Really – without three coats of two kinds of mascara on a regular basis, they’d be invisible. However, this lash lift really gave them new life! They look beautiful without any makeup at all, but with just one coat of mascara, they’re naturally dramatic and look even better than if I spent eons curling and coating them. Another benefit to the lash lift is how long it lasts. I’m on week three and they still look as great as day one! This is a great option for someone who loves to wear makeup on a daily basis and doesn’t want the maintenance that comes along with extensions. See the results (sans-mascara) below!

From facials, to lash extensions, to waxes, and more – I give Curly Willow Spa a 10/10! I’ll definitely be heading there around my wedding week to get prepped for the big day!

My Review of Curly Willow SpaMy Review of Curly Willow Spa My Review of Curly Willow Spa My Review of Curly Willow Spa

You didn’t think I’d let you leave without reading my top ten bridal beauty must-haves, did you?

This illuminating moisturizer makes you glow like a goddess, reduces the appearance of blemishes, and works on hydrating your skin throughout the day. It also smells like a creamsicle so I’d say that’s a win!

No one likes redness! Let’s banish that discoloration with this facial spray. Spritzing this on my face has become my favorite part of my skincare routine.

Say goodbye to large pores, acne, and more. This charcoal mask is my go-to at least once a week to keep my skin looking its best! I can clearly see a difference before and after application!

Since my facial, I’ve been using this exfoliant every once in a while to slough off dead skin and get that glow to peek through again!

I don’t know why I waited so long to try this concealer, but now it’s my holy grail cosmetic product. I can apply just a little under my eyes and on redness and go about my day. I don’t remember the last time I felt this confident without a full face of makeup!

I’ve never loved a lip balm as much as I love this one, and of course, when prepping for a wedding, you want to be as kissable as possible!

Whether you’re dealing with sweating in the summer heat, you have oily skin like I do, or you just want everything to stay putthis setting spray has got you covered.

This is kind of a two-in-one, but rather than heading to the nail salon every two weeks, I’ve been pampering myself at home (and saving money) with this nail lamp and these polishes. I can’t wait to treat my bridesmaids to a manicure without spending an arm and a leg!

I definitely think that all brides should indulge in either eyelash extensions or a lash lift. If you want something dramatic without the hassle of falsies or mascara – go for the extensions. If you’re looking for something a bit more natural without the upkeep, a lift is where it’s at! I love them both!

A facial is highly-suggested before your wedding! If you’re doing a more intensive treatment (with extractions, peels, etc.) make sure you visit the spa a couple weeks in advance to give your skin plenty of time to heal. With a hydrating facial like the one I chose, you could go just days before the wedding, knowing that you’ll still be glowing and your best skin will be showing!

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#WeddingWednesday: Top 10 Bridal Beauty Must-HavesMy Review of Curly Willow Spa

Photos by She Shoots RVA (me)