South Florida Vacation Recap

South Florida Vacation Recap
South Florida Vacation Recap**Written in May of 2018, edited and re-posted in May of 2019.

They said I could be anything, so I became a South Florida gal for a week, and boy did I love every second of it.

Okay, I definitely didn’t fit the part because I was as pale as a vampire the entire time I was there, but as always, I enjoyed my trip to the Sunshine State, and figured I’d share the details with you! There are so many hidden gems in South Florida that no one really talks about. Visits to Miami are frequent, but I wanted to mention the spots outside of the hot (metaphorically and literally) city that you’ve gotta check out.

The reason for our trip was for my mother-in-law’s birthday, but we made the most of our time there and visited a bunch of our favorite spots (and some new ones). My husband’s family lives in and around the Fort Lauderdale area. We didn’t trek down to Miami this time, but we found plenty to do close to where we stayed.

South Florida Vacation Recap[The Swap Shop Arcade]South Florida Vacation Recap [Fort Lauderdale Beach]South Florida Vacation Recap [The Swap Shop Produce Market]South Florida Vacation Recap[FATVillage Arts District]

Places We Went:

The Swap Shop

We hit this spot every time we go to SoFlo. It’s a massive flea market with an arcade inside and a bunch of fruit stands outside!

Sawgrass Mills

Probably the biggest mall I’ve ever been to, and it has all of my favorite stores. Typically I do some serious shopping damage here, but this time we shopped for B – and it was such fun!

The Walk of Coral Springs

This is walking distance from where Brandon lived when we first met. It’s got some ice cream shops, a Barnes & Noble, and some really pretty spots to sit and soak up the sun.

Game Night Arcade

I can’t rave enough about this place. We had the immense privilege of being there for the opening night a couple of years ago, and now it’s just so neat to visit and see how they’ve grown! The old-school video game vibe is the best (and they’ve also added mixed drinks to their menu, so we were pretty excited about that)!

Fort Lauderdale Beach

I feel like you can’t visit South Florida and not go to the beach. We try to make it a habit to go around golden hour.  It’s usually less crowded, and the view is spectacular!


If you can’t make it to Wynwood in Miaimi, this art district in Fort Lauderdale is a great option! Such a cool spot, filled with so much color and life!

South Florida Vacation Recap [Taiwan Ice]South Florida Vacation Recap [FATVillage Arts District]South Florida Vacation Recap [Cherry Smash]South Florida Vacation Recap [The Walk]ball gown prom dresses[Taiwan Ice]

Places We Ate:

BREW Urban Café

This cafe is in FATVillage and has an airstream shop inside, along with a massive wall of books that reminds me of the library in Beauty & the Beast. They’ve got some seriously delicious cold brew!

Wings Plus

In my vlog, you’ll hear us say that people write full blog posts about their bleu cheese dressing – and we’re not wrong. You can read the post right here. I don’t enjoy bleu cheese dressing, but Wings Plus is an exception – and their wings are also phenomenal!

Taiwan Ice

A totally cute spot at The Walk of Coral Springs that offers rolled ice cream and bubble tea in lightbulbs!


When B lived in South Florida, he raved about this spot for burgers. I never understood the hype until I tried their “CEO burger.” I think I swooned.

Pollo Tropical

I know this is a chain, but we don’t have them in Richmond, so any time we’re in SoFlo, I try to stop by to get myself a TropiChops. And don’t even get me started on how delicious their cilantro garlic sauce is.

Cherry Smash

I’ll never be able to truly express how much I love Cherry Smash. Not only is their ice cream to die for, but the shop itself is an experience. Walking in, you’re greeted by retro diner vibes and “Happy Days” playing on the TV. There are toys and collectibles from floor to ceiling that transport you to simpler times, and each time you visit, you’ll notice something you didn’t before!

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South Florida Vacation Recap

Enjoy a little South Florida vacation vlog I put together from our trip!

South Florida is truly filled with hidden gems at every twist and turn. What are your favorite finds?

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