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Here's How I Dealt With The Social Media Blackout

Here's How I Dealt With The Social Media Blackout[location] Mon Chou

The world seemingly ended for 8+ hours during the social media blackout on Wednesday. I found a couple ways to counter it.

Don’t worry, this post isn’t solely about the blackout. Yeah, yeah, we know social media was down for the day. There were a few rumors as to why, but the realization I had was this: there’s more to life than social media (yes, even as a full-time blogger and content creator) and I can’t put all my eggs in one basket (especially as a full-time blogger and content creator).

I’ll keep this intro short and sweet, but if you read down through my Friday Five, you’ll learn a little more about how I really felt about this shutdown, along with my thoughts on Captain Marvel, the time change, and some of the changes happening to She Saw Style.

Here's How I Dealt With The Social Media Blackout[outfit details] “In Omnia Paratus” tee c/o ThreadTank | pants | sneakers | tote | similar blazerHere's How I Dealt With The Social Media Blackout[location] Capital One CaféHere's How I Dealt With The Social Media Blackout

Friday Five Vol. 4

Springing Forward With Chicwish //

This dress has been on my wishlist since last year. I ordered it at one point and accidentally got a size too large, so I’m trying again and hoping for the best!

I saw this matching set recently and was even more taken by it when I realized that the bottom is actually a skort!

Honestly, I can’t wait to find an opportunity to wear this dress I picked out. It’s so vibrant and fun!

This sleeveless top has the most unique neckline. It’ll be fun to try it on once it finally arrives.

#InstagramBlackout2k19 //

On Tuesday night, I heard rumors of comments being blocked on Instagram. Inwardly, I groaned, because I knew more was on the horizon (and not in a good way). Wednesday morning, sure enough, my first comment was blocked, and within an hour I couldn’t even log in to my account. It made me realize that my friend, Summer, always knows what she’s talking about when she mentions repurposing old blog content. Spending the day on Pinterest and Twitter, sharing old posts was a great way to keep busy while my other social platforms shut down.

I’ll also state that my friend, Tomi, was quite right when she mentioned how it’s super frustrating when Instagram doesn’t function properly because brands seem to not realize the importance of a blog. As bloggers, we hear “don’t put all your eggs in the social media basket,” but most companies value socials over a blog that we own and operate ourselves. Unfortunately, this takes a toll when we can’t achieve proper engagement, our follower count doesn’t grow, or when a complete and total shutdown happens.

Things to Know About She Saw Style //

All the above being said, I want to announce that I’ve officially updated my blog newsletter! If you subscribe, once a week, on Friday morning, you’ll receive an email from me with links to all my blog posts from the week, special inside scoops, store discount updates, motivational quotes to jump-start your weekend, and tons more!

Eventually, I’m hoping to get into a true blogging routine. Lifestyle/blogging tips on Monday, fashion/beauty on Wednesday, and wrap-up/Friday Five on Friday. I’m considering writing up some posts for Tuesday and Thursday as well, but I’m not 100% set on that … yet. If you want me to do that, let me know!

To avoid all the algorithm awkwardness, I suggest you follow me on the LiketoKnow.it app! Yes, I know this is an app that functions primarily to help you shop my outfits, but you can also like the photos, there’s no weird, out-of-order issues, and it makes outfit details way easier. Essentially it’s another social media platform, and you’ll love how easy it is to operate!

My Friday Fives will now hopefully consist primarily of the photos I’ve shared solely to Instagram or other social media platforms. Just iPhone photos and snaps I’ve taken while out and about. I want it to be almost like a little weekly Insta round-up!

Superhero Status //

My husband and I went to see Captain Marvel the weekend it came out, and boy did we love it. Brie Larson did an excellent job portraying this powerful female character in the MCU. If you’re wondering how powerful she really is, you’ll want to read this article.

As a fashion blogger, I was especially intrigued after reading this post about her costume designs.

She may not have been the main character, but probably one of the most important roles in the film was that of Monica Rambeau. I’d be thrilled to have her as a best friend.

If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know that Goose, the cat, stole the show entirely. This article about this furry sidekick cracked me up!

Places I’ve Gone in RVA //

Last summer, because of all the rain, I was pushed to find indoor spaces for photoshoots. Mon Chou was one of the spots I checked out, and completely fell in love with! The plants, the jazz and lo-fi music, and of course the pastries kept me coming back. It had been a few months since I visited, but in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been twice, and have plans to head back soon. It’s so great!

I was completely fascinated when Capital One Café opened up in our city. The idea of a bank with coffee kinda boggled my mind. However, now it’s one of my places to stop for a quick beverage or an afternoon work sesh. Brandon and I stop in pretty regularly to just enjoy a drink while playing a board game. It’s such a unique vibe!

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Here's How I Dealt With The Social Media Blackout [location] Mon ChouHere's How I Dealt With The Social Media Blackout[outfit details] sweater c/o Chicwish | similar necklace

Tell me all about your week and what you thought of the social media blackout!

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Here's How I Dealt With The Social Media Blackout