What I Was Loving in November

What I Was Loving in November

What I Was Loving in November

To say that November was my favorite month of the year would be a major understatement.

I mean, what’s not to love? From my wedding and honeymoon, to Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season – I just feel like I’m still on cloud nine from the past few weeks. The beginning of November was full of stress and anxiety as my wedding day approached. Things certainly didn’t go smoothly leading up to the big day. But when I walked into that room and saw my handsome man waiting to become my husband, I realized it was all worth it.

We were surrounded by our closest friends and family, and were blessed to have loved ones travel from all over the country – and the world! My “twinnie” came from Switzerland, and Brandon had some family fly in from the Philippines. We felt incredibly special. There were tons of happy tears shed, and more hugs than I’ve ever given or received in my entire life. It was beautiful on so many levels. Don’t worry – there will be photos and videos coming soon! For now, follow my Instagram to make sure you’re not missing out on the sneak peeks!

Outfit Details // top c/o Sugarhigh | similar jacket | pants | similar sneakers | similar earrings | similar bag

Photos by Meredith Anne Photography

What I Was Loving in November What I Was Loving in November What I Was Loving in November

I guess I should get into my favorites from the past month, right? That’s why you’re here!

Favorite Clothing Items

I haven’t had a full reveal, but since I’ve already posted a few pictures, it’s safe to say my favorite clothing item of the month was my wedding gown from Lillian West!

Closely following were the matching t-shirts that Bash sent my new hubby and I for our honeymoon. They’re the softest material ever and super affordable. They also didn’t warp or shrink strangely after washing.

Bash also sent me a customized plaid flannel that I basically live in now. It says “Mrs Ramson” on the back and it’s super cozy. I like to wear it over my tee from them!

Lastly is the “coatigan” I chatted about recently. It’s become a staple in my closet lately. It’s the perfect in-between piece when it’s cold enough outside for some outerwear but not too cold to the point where you need a berka.

Favorite Accessories

I’ll be honest – I haven’t been concerning myself with accessories too much lately. But I will say that the darling earrings from The Shinn Life were a favorite on my wedding day! Each of my bridesmaids had a pair in pink, and I had some in white. They were cute and delicate, but definitely a statement – and something different than the typical wedding bling.

I also had some mega compliments on the rose gold stilettos I paired with my gown. They weren’t exactly the easiest to walk in outside in the mud near our ceremony site (it had rained all week long), but they certainly were a talking point.

Favorite Skincare & Makeup Items

A few days before the wedding, I dashed over to Curly Willow Spa for some eyelash extensions, and lemme tell you, my girl Sam seriously wowed everyone who came within 15 feet of my face over the next two weeks. She gave me some seriously dramatic lashes, and I was able to leave the mascara at home on my honeymoon (best feeling ever).

Lemme tell you, the air in Northern Virginia and DC is a lot dryer and colder than in Richmond. It took a toll on my hair and skin, so when I got home, the first thing I did was switch back to my holy grail moisturizer. I may have mentioned it last month, but it’s just as good – if not better – now that winter is in full effect.

Favorite Books

I’ve moved from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Lemme tell you, reading these books is making me fall in love with the story all over again. If I had it my way, my entire house would be decked out in HP decor.

Favorite TV Shows & Movies

Brandon and I couldn’t get enough of Bohemian Rhapsody. The story of Freddie Mercury’s life was spectacularly portrayed by Rami Malek. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and get to a theater straight away. Let’s just say that Queen has become the soundtrack to our marriage so far.

Two years ago, when my BFF came from Switzerland to visit for the first time, we saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in theaters together. It was brilliant timing that Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald happened to come out the week of my wedding. So the night before “I do” we sat in a theater and laughed, cried, and enjoyed our tradition. I guess this means I’ll need to visit Switzerland in 2020 when the next movie comes out! 😉

I also got a chance to see Ralph Breaks the Internet and loved every second of it! Such an adorable, family-friendly movie.

An era has come to an end as B and I finished The Office just a few nights back. We’ve been watching it over the past few months and really didn’t want it to be over. Forever a favorite now.

What I Was Loving in November What I Was Loving in November What I Was Loving in November

Favorite Food & Drinks

I got a chance to visit the Ladurée store while we were staying in DC for the first half of our honeymoon. I always believed it was just overly hyped up and the macarons wouldn’t be that great. After taking one tiny taste, I knew the hype was legit. Those macarons are to die for. I ate three and had the Ispahan (a large, rose macaron with rose petal cream, fresh raspberries, and lychee). Needless to say, I’ll certainly be back.

We checked out Damn Good Burger Co. while outside of DC in Shirlington, and couldn’t get over how delicious their sandwiches were. We laughed over the fact that both of us got chicken rather than a burger, but the meals were beyond delicious. They also had a coffee + Bailey’s milkshake that was to die for.

I’ve brought back an old favorite for the holiday season and you’ll find me sipping cranberry juice, mixed with ginger ale and a bit of vodka on a regular basis. It’s delicious and festive!

Favorite Music

Are you crazy? CHRISTMAS MUSIC! To pick a favorite album would be impossible, but I’ve been finding Michael Bublé, Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix, and Glee on repeat.

Favorite Spots

Of course, our wedding night was incredibly special, spent at Graduate Richmond. I can’t wait to share all our thoughts in a full post soon. It’s like a second home now!

We visited a fun barcade in DC called Player’s Club that served some delicious drinks and offered classic games like Pinball and Street Fighter. It didn’t bother us at all that there was a Shake Shack next door that delivered whenever you got hungry. Let me just state right now that there should definitely be a Shake Shack in RVA. It’s mouth-wateringly delicious.

Glass House Winery in Charlottesville was for sure the most picturesque winery I’ve ever visited. They have a full conservatory filled floor-to-ceiling with the most beautiful greenery, and there’s a cute pup that walks around and looks for love while you sip on wine and eat yummy cheese!

Downtown Charlottesville is one of the loveliest spots we got to experience on our honeymoon. The atmosphere is relaxed and there are so many fun shops and restaurants to explore. We loved every second of it.

What I Was Loving in November

Alright, so I know that 99.9% of my favorites were wedding/honeymoon-related but I couldn’t help it. 😂 Here’s to married life and Christmas and the fun that comes with it all!

Photos by Meredith Anne Photography

Outfit Details // top c/o Sugarhigh | similar jacket | pants | similar sneakers | similar earrings | similar bag