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  • How Depression and Chronic Illness Relate | She Saw Style

    Depression and Chronic Illness

    Whew that’s a banger of a title to get us going on a Monday, huh? Depression and chronic illness – how do they correlate and affect someone on a daily basis?…

  • Everything I Have Read in Spring and Summer 2019 | She Saw Style

    To Have and To Read

    All the books I have read in spring and summer of 2019 easily double or triple the number of books I’ve “consumed” in the past few years. It’s like I’m having…

  • The Easiest Recipe for a Classic Mojito | She Saw Style

    The Simplest Mojito You’ll Ever Make

    When asked my drink of choice, I never have to think twice. It’s a classic mojito. Refreshing, simple, and delicious for summertime. A couple years ago, on a hot summer day,…

  • How to Be Intentional With Your Self-Care Routine | She Saw Style

    Why Self-Care Is More Than Just a Trend

    Ah, the infamous “self-care” – otherwise known as bubble baths and wine because life is hard. But it’s so much more than just a trend! I think it’s important to first…

  • 30 Items I Couldn't Live Without in Spring 2019

    The 30 Items I’ve Loved for Spring 2019

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an adult, it’s to invest in things I’ll actually USE. So when I say I can’t live without these 30 items, I mean it.…