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  • Over 50 Swimsuits For Every Body Type | She Saw Style

    Over 50 Swimsuits For Every Body Type

    Why should swimsuit season be dreaded? It should be celebrated! The steps to getting a bikini body, you may ask? ONE. Have a body TWO. Put a bikini on it Truly, it should…

  • 30 Items I Couldn't Live Without in Spring 2019

    The 30 Items I’ve Loved for Spring 2019

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an adult, it’s to invest in things I’ll actually USE. So when I say I can’t live without these 30 items, I mean it.…

  • How to Maximize the Use of Your One Piece Swimsuit | She Saw Style

    One Swimsuit Two Ways

    The one piece swimsuit has come a long way. They used to be seen as prude, and now they’re chic. I believe the greatest part about them is their versatility! With…