Date Night Ideas on a Budget

20 Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas

20 Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas

After being together for over three years, my man and I still haven’t run out of fun date night ideas, but believe me, it’s a lot of work!

I’m constantly browsing Pinterest for creative plans, and sometimes I even think up some good ones on my own! When this post was originally published (02/20/2017), I shared a video about how we decided to spice things up on a Friday night – quite literally – with a cooking challenge! You can view the goofy goodness right here. The concept: each of us needed to purchase four ingredients, separate from each other, and once we reconnected after leaving the grocery store, we had to put together a full meal using the total of eight ingredients that we bought.

Coming back to revamp this post reminded me of all the great, budget-friendly date ideas we’ve come up with over the years, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. With Valentine’s Day on the way, this guide will help you save money and still have a blast with your significant other.

Looking for a way to break from the routine of “dinner and a movie”?

20 Unique Date Night Ideas on a Budget

  1. Go to an arcade together and challenge each other to a rousing game of skeeball.
  2. Find somewhere to play mini golf.
  3. Find the nearest photobooth, and take cheesy photo-strip photos together.
  4. Visit all the rooftop bars in your city and find your new favorite drink (a little more of a splurge).
  5. Pack a sandwich lunch and some fruit and head to a local park for a picnic – or if it’s too chilly where you live, have a picnic indoors!
  6. Build a blanket fort inside on a rainy day and pull out your childhood favorite animated movies.
  7. Play a new board game together.
  8. See who can make the better grilled cheese sandwich (get creative with this one)!
  9. Grab a goofy fighting video game and see who’s the stronger fighter.
  10. Take a workout class together.
  11. Go to a local park and head straight for the jungle gym. See who can pump highest on the swings.
  12. Make a playlist together of all the songs that remind you of each other.
  13. Listen to your newly created playlist on a drive with no destination – windows must be down.
  14. Buy a variety of super sour candies and find out which is the most sour.
  15. Go to the mall and pick out an outfit for each other.
  16. Plan your dream vacation – down to the smallest details (hotel, restaurants, activities).
  17. Volunteer at a local animal shelter together for a day (don’t be surprised if you wind up with a new pet).
  18. Find the best place in the city to watch the sunset – and bring champagne.
  19. Go dog watching and pretend you’re judges at a dog show. Spot the fluffiest, smallest, ugliest, etc.
  20. Try my four ingredient cooking challenge!

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Let me know what your favorite activities are for date night!

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20 Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas