The Ultimate Guide to Combatting a Bad Day

Having a Bad Day? You Need to Read This

Having a Bad Day? You Need to Read This

Bad days. We all experience them. What we do about them makes all the difference in the world.

I’ll admit, I have bad days. In fact, in the past week I had several of them – in a row, no less. It was really difficult for me to combat them. It seemed like one thing would end and another would pop up. Frustrating campaigns, rude and sleazy people, health issues, and the list goes on. I really got into my feelings at one point, and posted on Instagram, asking for advice. Then I realized, I already had it. Hearing everyones’ suggestions was awesome, but I know how to beat a bad day, and I was just getting in the way of myself by spending so much time focusing on the negative.

So you know what I did? I wrote this post. I sat down and thought out all the ways I could help myself – which in turn could help you if you’re having a bad day! In fact, while writing the post, I actually participated in several of the activities I suggested. In the end, I was listening to a playlist of my favorite singer, I’d texted several friends to ask how they were doing, complimented a bunch of gals on Instagram, drank the happiest tea, and lit the yummiest-scented candle. What started out a really crappy day turned into a pretty great one. So for those who may need it, here’s some tips for combatting a bad day.

Tips for Combatting a BAD DAY

Have a Dance Party //

It might sound silly, but throwing on a playlist of your favorite music (I’m talking throwbacks from middle school, that trap song you just can’t get out of your head, and literally anything by Queen) and just dancing it out can make a world of difference.

Drink Some PositiviTEA //

Oops, that was cheesy. #SorryNotSorry. My favorite tea when I’m feeling down is the Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea. I’m drinking a hot mug of this while I write. The bright tangerine taste is enough to cheer me up on its own, but combine that with the subtle amount of caffeine and it’s a winning combination.

Text An Encouragement to a Friend //

Rather than just complaining about whatever is making you feel down, send something thoughtful to a friend. This can be a cute quote you found on Pinterest, just telling them you’re thinking of them, or being really intentional to ask them about their current life situation.

Be Purposeful on Social Media //

Some would say to just turn off screens altogether, but I say that if you plan to scroll on Instagram – don’t do it aimlessly. Take the time to think up encouraging comments for each and every photo. Read the captions fully and reply to them directly. Compliment someone’s new haircut, congratulate them on their engagement, find out where their outfit is from, and read their blog post/look through their online shop.

Buy Yourself a Treat //

Don’t go too crazy. You may feel like overcompensating when your mood is in a rough place. A bouquet of flowers, a bar of chocolate, that matcha latte, or a new candle may be just what you need to brighten things up without breaking the bank.

List the Best Things in Your Life //

Focusing on the good is key. Grab a pen and paper and start listing out the things which bring you the most joy. Nothing is too big or too small for this list, so take your time and I guarantee it’ll bring a smile to your face in no time.

Read a Book and Then Read Some More //

My number one suggestion for a good read is the Bible in this situation. There’s nothing like God’s Word to spark hope, redemption, and joy in your heart. Otherwise, it can be an old favorite story, something you’ve been wanting to read for a while and haven’t had the opportunity to, or just whatever you happen to have sitting on your nightstand. Usually getting caught up in a story helps diminish any negative outlooks on life.

Eat Sour Candy //

It’s hard to focus on the bad – or anything at all – when your mouth is puckering from a Warhead or Cry Baby candy. This was actually a suggestion from a therapist I saw in high school. He recommended I keep sour candies in my desk at work when I was dealing with panic attacks. It helped more than I can even explain properly, and still to this day is something I utilize when I need a distraction.

Talk it Out //

If all else fails, talk about it. Pray, call a friend, write in a journal. Let the feelings just flow, but keep in mind that most situations that cause a bad day are temporary, and in the long run, letting them capture your attention for too long won’t be healthy for anyone (especially yourself). You deserve to release those bad thoughts back out into the wild and move on with your life in a positive manner. So once you’ve talked it out, move forward!

What are your tips for combatting a bad day?

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Having a Bad Day? You Need to Read This