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Stephanie Whitman

  • Gift Guide: Small RVA Businesses

    Gift Guide: Small RVA Businesses

    Alright babes, the recent theme here on She Saw Style has been shopping local.  I’ve featured several RVA-native brands in the past couple of weeks, and they’ve been leading up to this…

  • Tailor Made

    Tailor Made

    I’m on a roll, you guys!  This is the third post I’ve written recently that features a piece from a local business.  All of this is in preparation for my local…

  • Loyal Local

    Loyal Local

    During the holiday season, I spend a lot of time shopping.  I tend to end up at Target, Homegoods, and other similar places where there are options for everyone.  However, this…

  • Gift Guide: For the #GirlBoss

    Gift Guide: For the #GirlBoss

    A #girlboss encompasses so much.  It’s not just about being a girl who is her own boss, it’s about a lifestyle that is filled with female empowerment – boosting up not…

  • Street Style in RVA

    Street Style in RVA

    I’m constantly inspired.  Everywhere I go, I see something that reminds me of how beautiful the mundane can become.  I guess I truly do see style in everything!  The other day,…