Hey babes, welcome to She Saw Style.  I’m Stephanie, your fashionista and blogger extraordinaire!

She Saw Style is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog, written by me!  I currently live in Richmond, VA, but I’m dying to go on more adventures!

I’m doing my best to manage this blog full time, while also navigating day-to-day life with a chronic illness. I’m grateful to have recovered from a severe eating disorder, though I continue to battle depression and anxiety (but don’t worry, I’m on the winning side ☺).

While I may seem like your average pink-and-frills gal, you’ll likely find me anticipating the next superhero or action movie, and I couldn’t be any more of a bookworm – especially when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy!

My favorite way to spend the day is exploring new coffee shops with my husband or finding hidden treasure within the aisles of Target 😂

The love I have for French macarons and boba tea is slightly ridiculous, but I’ll never give them up!

Here’s hoping you stick around for a while! ❤

“I find my life to be a poem, and I wish to share it with the world through fashion expression and the thoughts that roam my head.”

BRANDS: am always open to collaborations and projects that will help me grow on this artistic journey.